Treat COVID-19 Patients with Thrombotic Complications

Antithrombotic Drugs or ICU? to Treat COVID-19 Patients with Thrombotic Complications

Since December 2019, the Coronavirus or COVID-19 has spread rapidly worldwide, infecting more than millions of people and instigating more than 1,34,000 deaths as of mid-April 2020. As per an article on ScienceDirect, among the infected people, thrombotic complications in the ICU patients is remarkably high as compared to those admitted to the hospital. Thrombotic complications such as, venous thromboembolism is a disorder in which a blood clot occurs mostly in the veins of the groin, leg, or arm (deep vein thrombosis) and travels in the passage, accommodating in the lungs (pulmonary embolism).

For the better treatment of venous thromboembolism, an antithrombotic/anticoagulant drug is used. The rise in the aging population and prevalence in cardiovascular disease worldwide fuelled by westernized diet and lifestyle have created potential opportunities for antithrombotic/anticoagulant drug products. Anticoagulant drugs, such as Xarelto, Warfarin, Pradaxa, and Lovenox, are widely adopted blood thinners for the treatment of heart diseases. Moreover, heart attacks and strokes are mostly caused by a blockage that prevents the flow of blood into the heart or brain.

Aging populace infected with Coronavirus disease is at higher risk of venous thromboembolism and bleeding. As per some research scholar, patients with thrombotic complications coupled with COVID-19 disease should be provided with appropriate diagnostic tests at a low threshold rather than treating every patient with COVID-19 infections at the ICU.

To know more about the implication of the Antithrombotic drugs for the treatment of thrombotic complications, the research report from Inkwood Research can provide in-depth insights. All our reports have been reassessed, taking into account the impact of this unprecedented crisis on the revenue of the Global Antithrombotic Drugs Market.

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