Wishlist after Covid-19

Post-COVID-19: What’s on Your Wish list?

The first thing on everyone’s wish list currently is for the pandemic to end and resume their regular life. But what happens after the Coronavirus is out of our lives, or at least weakened enough to have less effect on us? The pandemic has affected the demand and preferences of consumers. Here is an account of some general expectations in the near future.

Comfort Food: Surviving a period of lockdown and social distancing has made many to reach out to their comfort food in order to keep the endorphin level high. This has resulted in people cultivating a habit of opting for easily available sugary delights and cooking their favorite desserts. This will become an opportunity for markets like artificial sweeteners, flavoring as their demand from businesses and households to increase.

Natural/nature-based products: Manufacturing and other industries put on halt have reduced pollution and harm to the environment, and the effect of this is being felt worldwide. With clearer canals in Venice to dolphins coming closer to the shore in many locations, the improvement in the earth is noticeable everywhere. This is making people more conscious of the effects of the products they buy on the ecology, and this awareness is causing people to shift towards natural products. Companies adopting environment-friendly practices such as waste to energy, energy harvesting will gain more support from the public and government alike.

Beauty & Skincare Products: America made the headlines of people protesting lockdowns and demanding salons to be included in necessary services. With salons opening up and serving a large customer base, the demand for beauty and personal care products, grooming products will be higher than before the outbreak. Moreover, being back in the social set up and a fear of another unforeseen lockdown will increase the use and hoarding of such products.

Packaged Food: Working from home without house help or takeaway food has kept people working in time crunches. Packaged and ready to eat food has been bliss, enabling people to balance 9-10 hours of office work and handling household chores. With the extended lockdown imposed and reduced availability of takeaway food, people have adopted a habit for depending on packaged food; moreover, the convenience it provides has made its place firm in many working individual’s wish lists.

Immunity: As per studies, it is stated that the body’s defense mechanism played a crucial role in fighting the COVID-19 virus. This has made the need for better health and boosting immunity a priority, wherein products like nutrient supplements, probiotics, whey protein are set to top many wish lists.

We can only estimate the intrigued thoughts & diversity everyone’s wish list would contain. However, the noise made on social platforms and the conversations between loved ones are centered around food and self-care. If you haven’t made your wish list yet, now is the time to sit back, relax and make one!

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