Auto Manufacturer’s Big Move Against the COVID-19 Pandemic

By - Prashant Khedekar

Following the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, manufacturers of medical supplies, such as hand sanitizers, medical masks, ventilators, & hospital gowns, are finding it challenging to keep up with the demand. In such a scenario, several companies from almost every industry are pledging their support to fight the COVID-19 pandemic; automakers are also not far behind. Since the past few months after the global pandemic created mayhem around 209 countries around the world, automobile manufacturers are overhauling their operations to help make ventilators and other vital medical equipment to fight the Coronavirus. Automakers have devised interesting ways to easily employ different car parts in the ventilators and for other medical equipment.

From Automobiles to Ventilators

By the end of March, Fiat started production of masks by renovating one of its Chinese manufacturing plants. Several other key automobile manufacturers, Ford, Tesla, and General Motors, in the United States, Formula 1 teams in the United Kingdom & Nissan in Japan have all pledged their support by putting efforts to shift their manufacturing towards ventilators. Healthcare manufacturers, 3M & GE Healthcare, has collaborated with Ford to design ventilators and modified respirators, which could be manufactured using batteries, fans, and other parts that are typically used in automobile manufacturing.

According to industry sources, Italian car parts maker Magneti Marelli & Exor, the Amsterdam-based owner of Ferrari and Fiat Chrysler, both are in plans to collaborate with Siare Engineering to ramp up the ventilator production. The North American unit of Japanese carmaker Toyota Motor Corp.’s is also entering the race of manufacturing ventilators and respirators. It seems like the auto manufacturers have geared up to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, and this time they have shifted it big.

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