Measures to Improve Your Immunity in times of COVID-19 Crises

Measures to Improve Your Immunity in times of COVID-19 Crisis

While many countries across the globe have implemented lockdown or strategic isolation by actively promoting social distancing, their citizens have also responsibly taken the efforts to embrace precautionary measures on boosting their immunity. From wearing masks, using an alcohol sanitizer, and staying indoors, people are also shifting their diet to improve their overall health at this juncture. In such a scenario, ready to eat food, nutrient supplements, probiotics, and whey protein are some of the paramount choices to build resilience against the infection. The intense demand for such alternate nutrient sources will provide expansion opportunities in the near future.

Here are top insights on the food and beverage sector during the COVID-19 outbreak:

Nutrient Supplements

China and Singapore are currently witnessing a vitamin craze. Citizens are proactively consuming a variety of micronutrient supplements, namely Iron, Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, and vitamin A, C, D, E. This behavioral change is derived from the realization to build up immunity in order to improve resistance against the virus. China has been conducting clinical trials to understand the effect of Vitamin C on patients affected by Coronavirus.

The huge demand for Vitamin C has put pressure on the supply chain as retailers are facing depleting stocks with high delivery time; a similar situation is being faced by e-commerce suppliers. DSM, one of the largest suppliers of Vitamin C supplements, claims that their factories are working at full capacity and striving to meet the growing demand. Orange juice has become another popular option among people and has also witnessed an increase in the price of stocks globally.


Despite of not having any clinically proven benefit of probiotics in the prevention or cure of Coronavirus, its consumption is essential as it ensures a healthy gut, which reinforces the immune system. The healthy gut microbiome plays a pivotal role in preventing the overreactions that can have a damaging effect on the lungs and other vital organs. Probiotics have a variety of options in terms of supplements, and can also be supplied in the form of food items like yogurt and kimchi, beverages like kefir and dietary supplements. Probiotic supplements have also proven beneficial for diarrhea, one of the common symptoms of coronavirus. Hence, it is a recommended way to boost immunity amid the pandemic.

Whey Protein

The first prominent shift seen in the diet of people is the consumption of protein-rich food, which helps in building a defense against the virus. Some of the most significant sources of protein are cottage cheese and whey protein. The tremendous demand is also attributable to the incorporation of exercise and other workouts into their routines to stay fit in the times of lockdown. Whey protein has already made its mark as an aiding component in building muscles and losing weight.

Whey protein is being consumed excessively by frontline medical staff as a healthy alternative, which is quick and easy to prepare as well. GNC China has already donated whey protein to 5 hospitals in Hubei province, to help the staff maintain their body’s natural defense mechanism through a rich source of protein. Its beneficial attributes, such as easy to prepare and consume, is keeping the staff put in the extreme working of their physical and mental capacity.

To Conclude

Boosting your immunity is as essential as isolation and maintaining hygiene standards to minimize the threat against Coronavirus. With more time in our hands as we operate from home, this is the best time to focus on diet and fitness. This realization has affected the global demand with an increase in sales on the above-mentioned products. Thus, it can be depicted that the market for these products will witness high growth post the COVID-19 crisis.

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