Impact on Environment Greener Side of the Coronavirus Lockdown

Impact on Environment: Greener Side of the Coronavirus Lockdown

Lockdowns around the globe have curbed the spread of coronavirus and are helping in reducing pollution to unprecedented levels in major countries and cities. The COVID-19 lockdown over the world has hit us with the thought towards the significance of nature in our everyday living.

Several regions across the world are observing a decline in emissions levels. For Instance, analysts from New York-listed a 50% decline in emission levels, caused by vehicles. Also, examiners at the University of Columbia reported a decrease in road traffic levels compared to the previous year. The reduced movement has minimized the number of vehicles on the road, thereby reducing pollution.

Pragmatic Effects of Lockdown on the Environment

Furthermore, NASA’s satellite pictures show a dramatic decline in pollution levels in China, across Beijing, Shanghai, and Wuhan, due to reduced commercial activity. The Global Carbon Project reported a fall in carbon emissions by 5%, which were termed as the lowest since the recession a decade ago. In both India and China, nations whose residents are victims of some of the awful levels of pollution in the world, the lockdown has allowed city occupants to suitably see the clear sky for the first time.

These reduced levels of transport have seen a reduction in air pollution across the UK; data sets depict a decrease in nitrogen dioxide levels. According to Centre for Research on Energy and Clean air, In India, the lockdown has shut down schools, workplaces, and transport has led to significant drops in air pollution in six out of the 10 most polluted cities in the world. The first day of lockdown witnessed a reduction in nitrogen dioxide by 15%.


However, several days of reduced emissions are nothing compared to several years of amassed carbon dioxide still in the air, and only real fundamental alteration can make a long-lasting impact. The economic consequences of long-standing lockdowns are dreadful, and are declining the wellbeing of life for billions of people. Although, accountable industries could absorb from this period, and change their policies consequently.

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