Impact on Animal Nutrition Production in the Context of COVID-19

Animal nutrition focuses on the dietary requirements of animals, helping to boost the immune system as well as livestock production. During the pandemic, there is an increase in the demand for basic food and essentials, including meat and other dairy products. However, the producers are unable to sustain the demand for such products due to disruption in the supply chain of the raw materials. Moreover, amidst the pandemic, the poultry industry was gravely hit due to the rumor that the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak was spread through the consumption of meat and related products.

As per a recent article in 2020, the supply of animal feeds that are the ultimate source of animal nutrition has been sternly hit by the coronavirus catastrophe. For instance, export to the Non-European countries has been barred by Romania, and many other countries, which severely affected the demand-supply of the animal feeds industry, ultimately leading to the decline in the consumption of fish and meat, considerably. Moreover, animal feed manufacturers are providing their animals with animal nutrition to meet the livestock nutritional requirements, such as essential amino acids and other essential supplements, thus improving the quality of derived products. But due to the pandemic, the demand and supply for these products have decreased substantially.

Also, as per another article, in the United States, there is a panic-induced purchase of feed by the U.S. farmers, considering that they might run out of supplies if feed mills are inoperative due to the unprecedented economic scenario over the spreading of Coronavirus. Furthermore, in countries like India, the prices of raw materials for animal feeds have soared high, chiefly soyameal, that has gone up by approx. 10-15%, because of the shortage in supply of these products due to the operation of fewer plants across the country. And the farmers are finding it difficult to bear the increased cost of the feeds, thereby affecting the global animal nutrition market.

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