How to Maintain Emotional Well-Being?

COVID-19 Stress: How to Maintain Emotional Well-Being?

Humans are social beings, and need to communicate and interact with fellow humans. However, the ongoing Coronavirus crisis has made everyone stay cooped up in their homes. Therefore, self-isolation has deeply affected people’s psyche, resulting in mental health deterioration.

With social distancing, altered daily routines, and enhanced financial pressure, a cloud of uncertainty looms over. The constant anxiety generated by the pandemic, owing to the extension of the lockdown, has led to health issues, such as restlessness, nervousness, hyperventilation, and high blood pressure, among others. The ongoing panic may further aggravate the condition of those already grappling with such issues.

To add to that, several industries worldwide have faced heavy losses, leading them to lay off their employees. Thus, unemployment and increased financial burden have increased the cases of depression. Due to the unsettling mental stress, people have turned to unhealthy coping mechanisms. BBC has recently reported the increased consumption of alcohol during the lockdown. Moreover, many have also started indulging in substance abuse.

Mental health, if not kept under check, can lead to disastrous consequences. The unexpected lockdown has left many people stranded away from their homes. Thus, people are battling with loneliness, living in the absence of their family and loved ones. Several mental health professionals have witnessed a rise in the number of patients seeking therapy. To adhere to social distancing norms, mental healthcare providers are increasingly adopting telemedicine strategies to provide consultation. Patients can thus connect with doctors using team collaboration tools. The growing preference for telemedicine is strengthening the applications of IoT in healthcare. Therapists are increasingly prescribing anti-depressant drugs to patients, so that they can cope with the ongoing distress.

While the fear of Coronavirus spread is hounding many, there are several people who have decided to utilize this free time effectively for self-improvement. They are working towards achieving their fitness goals by working out and monitoring their diet, using smart wearables equipped with IoT sensors to track their physical activity. Foods containing whey protein ingredients, as well as probiotics like yogurt, tempeh, and Kombucha, have become a preferable option by people to stay healthy. Thus, the sector is witnessing tremendous demand and is anticipated to enjoy in the coming future. Caring for oneself leads to an enhanced self-image, and hence, people have also taken grooming seriously.

Past studies have shown that the mental impact in the wake of such situations lasts far longer, even after overcoming them. Therefore, it is advised to spend time doing productive work to help alleviate stress. Exercise, yoga, and meditation are excellent options to cope with trauma. Listening to music or developing a hobby can be great relaxation tools. It is important to remember that mentally and emotionally strong individuals can boost the morale of those around them, helping others to cope with the crisis in a better way. Thus, mindfulness can lead to better recovery.

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