Tackling COVID-19: A Simple Guideline for Resisting the Complex Disease

The world at present is gripped by the pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-19), striking at its core, handicapped almost at all fronts. A pandemic is a rapid spread of disease over a large area, thereby affecting the majority of the population across the world. While it is difficult to ascertain the progress of the disease prevention due to its interception at a global level, the world is slowly but steadily inching towards curbing it.

tackling covid19

COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The symptoms include, sore throat, breathing difficulty, dry cough, and high fever. The disease is contagious, and hence avoiding close contact with the affected person is an absolute necessity. To prevent its spread, or to ‘break the chain,’ social distancing becomes a must. As with any act of survival, it becomes imperative to fall back on the basics. A simple act of washing hands is said to keep the virus at bay.

Inkwood Research lists out the basic guideline that can be followed by everyone:

  • Washing hands regularly. Experts recommend washing hands thoroughly for twenty seconds. Make good use of hand sanitizer, which involves less hassle compared to frequent washing, though both are to be followed. Hand sanitizers are mobile, and are considered crucial at this point. It should be used before and after touching things, eating food, etc. It is time to get personal with your care by taking responsible measures, such as ensuring there is a sanitizer always at the workplace, home, and washroom.
  • Covering the mouth with tissue or handkerchief while sneezing or coughing.
  • Maintaining a safe distance of at least 6ft in public spaces.
  • Careful monitoring of diet. A diet plan, rich in vitamins and functional carbohydrates, is strictly recommended. A strong immune system is the first line of defense for any contagious disease. Since there can be a shortage of organic and nutritious food, vitamin and dietary supplements can come in handy.
  • Visiting the doctor for common symptoms of cold, cough, and fever is advised. Informing the authorities of the aforementioned symptoms is extremely important for those with travel history.
  • People who are unwell with fever, cold, and cough, are strictly advised to wear masks.
  • Self-isolation is to be strictly followed by those returning from international trips.
  • The elderly population ought to be taken care of in every possible way, given their age, proximity to ailments, and weak immunity.
  • All organizations and corporates are recommended to install thermal scanners, along with the mandatory installation of hand sanitizers.
  • Avoid unnecessary travel and ensure no public gatherings of any sort.
  • Verify every piece of news about the epidemic from the verified sources. Fake news and statistics are as dangerous as the pandemic.
  • Staying fit becomes imperative at such times. Since all the gyms and fitness centers will be closed, it is advised to workout indoors, and follow simple bodyweight exercises.
  • Follow strict government guidelines regarding social distancing and isolation.

Almost every domain, be it healthcare or food & beverage, is facing a considerable shortage. The healthcare sector, especially hospitals, are facing a significant dearth of ventilators, masks, and personal protective equipment (PPEs). Many startups, organizations, and corporates, through their concentrated efforts, can aid in manufacturing and supplying diagnostic devicessurgical & medical devices, etc. Both, the individual and organization, can contribute equally, in terms of efforts and resources.

Across the world today, the healthcare workers, police, civil defense, sanitation workers, suppliers, and manufacturers are working in solidarity. Everyone involved in medical research, ranging from bioscientists to medical experts, are putting their best foot forward to produce vaccines. But, that remains a distant dream. Until then, it is important to be self-aware and do the needful.