COVID-19 Crisis Puts Health and Fitness on the Forefront

By - Pratik Bhosle

John had started the year 2020 with a resolution to get into the best version by cutting on the extra fat hanging around his belly over the last few years. He made a resolution that, unlike every year, he would maintain his objective this year and go the extra mile to achieve his health & fitness goals. This led him to join a gym in his locality. He had started his fitness journey with a body composition analyzer and taking the utmost care about the diet, which included the right balance of functional carbohydrates, proteins, and good fats. As a result, fast foods were replaced by nutritious food and whey protein. However, not even in his wildest dream, he had imagined that his mighty ship of ambition would hit a rock of pandemic called COVID-19. Unlike John, a huge quantum of fitness & health enthusiasts are being affected by this war against the virus.

crises put in health and fitness

Coronavirus (COVID-19), which originated from Wuhan (China), has spread across around 209 countries from the start of January 2020 across the globe with predominantly affecting countries like the US, Spain, Italy, Germany, and France. Governments around the world have implemented partial or complete lockdown and have advised people to practice social distancing & self-isolation by staying at their home. This led to the closure of a majority of businesses, categorized under the non-essential segment, and all sorts of commercial & recreational activities. Fitness & health industry has been hit due to this situation and has changed the course of its functioning. Similar to what corporates are adapting to work from home, the fitness industry is encouraging people to include exercise in their routine seriously. They are creating awareness about the various benefits of workouts in terms of both physical & mental health, which will help in boosting immunity.

Many gyms, fitness studios, and health clubs are coming up with their fitness programs either free of cost or at a considerable discount, which can be accessed online through a fast 4G and 5G internet connection.  Some of these are conducted live at a pre-decided schedule shared among the members via WhatsApp messages & social media, while others are uploaded on cloud storage platforms for members to access as per their convenience. Social media platform, like Facebook, is extensively being used to interact with fitness enthusiasts and post relevant content, which can be practiced from home. Many fitness & health content creators are posting videos related to easy home-based workouts. Apart from these factors, new technologies like smart speakers are motivating people to hit their fitness goals more efficiently. Smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Alexa have some of the best HIIT and other exercise routines.

The above-discussed attributes are short term changes in the fitness & health sector, which can also be continued over the long term. The other trend that might come steadily is the change in food habits where people will be more conscious & slowly shift or practice a combination of an animal meat diet to/with a plant-based diet where products like meat substitutes have the opportunity to grow. This is primarily because, as per the initial research, the COVID-19 virus transmission from animals to humans was through the animal meat-based food chain.

All in all, one can hope for a quick recovery of the world from this pandemic so everyone can practice fitness as per their convenience, irrespective of the situation outside their homes.