Blood Plasma – A Novel Treatment Approach for COVID-19

By - Sojingstar Neog

Amidst the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, people around the globe have suffered severely, and doctors are struggling to manage the disease without a cure or vaccine in sight. Although no specific vaccines or therapeutic agents for COVID-19 are available, numerous therapies, such as favipiravir and remdesivir, are under study. Still, the antiviral efficacy of these drugs is not yet known. So, tentative evidence has been found by doctors to treat seriously ill COVID-19 patients by infusing blood plasma collected from the recovered patients.

blood plasma

Blood plasma is an efficient therapeutic treatment in numerous therapies due to its prospective in fighting life-threatening and chronic diseases, such as Leukemia, Hemophilia, Immunodeficiency, and other bleeding disorders. Blood plasma has proven to be a boon for patients suffering from such conditions, which have necessitated a more in-depth understanding of their application. Asia Pacific countries, such as China, Japan, and India, are likely to play an important role in the development of the blood plasma products market in the coming years due to its growing demand. Currently, plasma derivatives are used for several FDA, and the European Medical Agency (EMA) approved indications and several off-label indications.

As per a recent article in the Time, two teams of medical practitioners from China National Biotec Group Co., working at different hospitals in China, gave antibody-rich plasma to fifteen COVID-19 patients and noted striking improvements in many of them. Recently, France also began its clinical trials, including transfusions of blood plasma from the survivors of coronavirus into the patients who have severe indications to treat the ailment. The blood from the recovered patient can be a rich source of antibodies, namely convalescent plasma. Besides, plasma-derived therapy has also been used to treat communicable diseases, such as Influenza and Ebola, for a long time.

A recent report from Inkwood Research depicts that the United States is one of the largest suppliers of blood plasma. With the rapid multiplying cases of COVID-19, the global blood plasma market possesses potential growth prospects in the country. All our reports have been reassessed to take into account the impact of this unprecedented crisis on the revenue of the blood plasma market.