Keys to Mitigate Casualties in Surgery during and after COVID-19


The Coronavirus outbreak has evolved into a crisis, and the government has imposed stringent precautionary measures in order to restrain mass spreading. In contribution to this attempt, professional bodies of the healthcare sector have put forth a recommendation of postponing or canceling elective surgeries. This action is attributed to two primary factors: clearing hospital capacities to best possible, and protection of patients from avoidable exposure.

Face Mask Against COVID-19: Why is it Important?


The advent of the global pandemic has ushered in a new way of living – social distancing and heightened hygiene concerns have become the norm of the day.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has suggested that even healthy individuals to wear masks while out in public surroundings where it is difficult to maintain social distancing. As per the experts, masks help keep people with COVID-19 from unknowingly passing the virus.

Tackling COVID-19: A Simple Guideline for Resisting the Complex Disease

tackling covid19

The world at present is gripped by the pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-19), striking at its core, handicapped almost at all fronts. A pandemic is a rapid spread of disease over a large area, thereby affecting the majority of the population across the world. While it is difficult to ascertain the progress of the disease prevention due to its interception at a global level, the world is slowly but steadily inching towards curbing it.

Measures to Improve Your Immunity in times of COVID-19 Crises


While many countries across the globe have implemented lockdown or strategic isolation by actively promoting social distancing, their citizens have also responsibly taken the efforts to embrace precautionary measures on boosting their immunity. From wearing masks, using an alcohol sanitizer, and staying indoors, people are also shifting their diet to improve their overall health at this juncture.

Blood Plasma – A Novel Treatment Approach for COVID-19

blood plasma

Amidst the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, people around the globe have suffered severely, and doctors are struggling to manage the disease without a cure or vaccine in sight. Although no specific vaccines or therapeutic agents for COVID-19 are available, numerous therapies, such as favipiravir and remdesivir, are under study. 

COVID-19 Crisis Puts Health and Fitness on the Forefront

crises put in health and fitness

John had started the year 2020 with a resolution to get into the best version by cutting on the extra fat hanging around his belly over the last few years. He made a resolution that, unlike every year, he would maintain his objective this year and go the extra mile to achieve his health & fitness goals. This led him to join a gym in his locality. 

COVID-19: Impact on the Healthcare Sector

covid19 impact on healthcare

When global pandemic strikes, the healthcare sector is undoubtedly affected the most. As the demand-supply gap of basic materials like testing kits and surgical masks increases at a faster rate, bringing much-needed attention to the supply chain of such products.

India on Frontline with First Paper -Strip Test against COVID-19


The exponential surge in the count of infected people compels India to undertake a strategic rapid-testing approach to ensure timely isolation of the positive cases and prevent the virus from spreading.