Coronavirus Vaccine Update

Coronavirus Vaccine Update: Researchers Opt for Radical Approaches

The search for a novel Coronavirus vaccine has intensified the field of medical research around the globe. As per a recent post, seven projects being pursued by the pharmaceutical sector, academic laboratories, biotech firms, and various governments have reached the stage of clinical trials. Several trials are being launched at an unprecedented rate. For instance, according to an article on the Washington Post, an experimental vaccine is being incorporated into the volunteered test subject by the scientists at the National Institutes of Health to study the vaccine triggered an immune response to a pathogen, which is headway for scientists. This could be the game-changer in preventing the COVID-19 pandemic, which has claimed several lives across the world.

Currently, no medicine or treatment has been established to cure the novel Coronavirus. Apart from this, the virologists are also more concerned about the impending influenza season in the southern hemisphere. People suffering from influenza show similar symptoms as the COVID-19, which might create panic and havoc for the patients as well as the healthcare system. Therefore, people suffering from influenza are advised to take the influenza vaccine in order to prevent chaos. Moreover, the World Health Organization has explicitly specified that animal testing in parallel with human testing is a vital step in the search for a COVID-19 vaccine for humans.

Besides the ongoing search for the Coronavirus vaccine, some scientists are working on viral-vector vaccines that use live viruses to carry DNA into the human cells. Live viruses, such as adenovirus or measles, are genetically engineered for the production of Coronavirus proteins in the body. Such vaccines are tended to be safe and provoke a strong immune response. As per recent news,  the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the Inovio Pharmaceuticals’ investigational new drug application of its DNA vaccine applicant INO-4800, contrary to COVID-19.

Umpteen number of experiments and researches are going on, in order to find a cure for the deadly Coronavirus infection. Herd immunity is another approach being suggested to stop or control the spread of the pandemic. As of now, it is not evident that this can be an effective measure to prevent the disease, but healthcare professionals, scientists, and researchers are giving their best to fight the unbidden.

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