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COVID-19 & Supply Chain Recovery: What does the Blueprint for Resilience Entail?


The global economy comprises an intricate structure of supply chains, receiving more than 100 billion tons of raw materials every year. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the fragility of supply chains and logistics. Countries that banked on their exports had their factories shut down, and those banked on consumption, had their shop doors closed.

Will the Media & Entertainment Industry’s Popularity Last in the Post-Coronavirus World?


The COVID-19 has severely impacted multiple sectors across the media and entertainment industry, worldwide. With shoots on hold, theatre releases postponed, and movie halls shut, the industry’s upcoming developments are laced with uncertainty. Even when theatres open again, mitigated livelihoods and social distancing norms are expected to discourage the masses from jostling to watch movies.

GCC Countries tackle Food Security with Actionable Plans for the Post COVID-19 Era

GCC Countries tackle Food Security with Actionable Plans for the Post COVID-19 Era

Over the years, the food industry has evolved to offer consumers with food alternatives through innovations. This further paved the way for implementing contemporary food processing and organic farming methods, owing to the rising health concerns. With the surge in the production and distribution of variant food supplements in the global market, there is a dilemma of price hike faced by Middle Eastern countries. 

Private Organizations at Forefront with a Social Initiative to Save Lives


The unprecedented expansion of the COVID-19 pandemic continuously unfolds complex challenges. This clears one thing: the business community is also on the frontline to fight, with speed, along with intense and vigilant actions against the situation. Hence, in response, large corporations, entrepreneurs, and small businesses are pledging unusual support in sustaining the aggressive demand, disruption in supply chains,
and also develop creative solutions to minimize the spreading of the virus.

COVID-19 and Work-from-Home: Bridging the Gap between Convenience and Grievance


Working from home is convenient. Since March 2020, most of the world has had a fair share of this convenience, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. But, work-from-home is not a novel concept. It has been there for several decades under the garb of remote working or telecommuting. Telecommuting was evaluated as a feasible option in the 1970s during the oil crisis. It has mostly been associated with a negative sentiment, with speculations centering on low productivity.

Keys to Mitigate Casualties in Surgery during and after COVID-19


The Coronavirus outbreak has evolved into a crisis, and the government has imposed stringent precautionary measures in order to restrain mass spreading. In contribution to this attempt, professional bodies of the healthcare sector have put forth a recommendation of postponing or canceling elective surgeries. 

COVID-19 and EdTech: Collective Efforts to Embrace the Difference​


COVID-19 has evolved to penetrate and severely weaken every sector’s functioning across the globe. The global education landscape has undergone substantial changes, thus, looming towards a significant educational crisis as never before. The closure of schools is not only limited to loss of learning, but also the loss of human capital and economic opportunities.

South Korea Cosmetic Surgery Market continue to Thrive amidst the COVID-19 Crisis


Seoul, in South Korea, is termed as the plastic surgery capital of the world, as it fosters the highest rate of aesthetic treatments. The prevalence could purportedly be attributed either to essentialism or Confucianism. The latter is blamed for being the predominant root of ‘all Korean conservative evil.

A Shift in Precept of Industry 4.0 in the Post-COVID-19 Market

The onslaught of the Coronavirus pandemic earlier this year came as a major jolt to the manufacturing industry all over the globe. A few months down the line, the sector is still reeling under its effects, resulting in the inception of changes towards the overall functioning henceforth. 

‘CoVlg-19 Alliance’ Builds Momentum with International Collaborations to Develop Plasma Treatment for COVID-19

CoVlg-19 Alliance

As the entire world battles the Coronavirus pandemic, finding a treatment for the outbreak has become a global priority. In addition to containing the virus and improving the recovery rate, countries are also trying to manage the excruciating healthcare strain.  In a potential attempt to treat COVID-19 through a convalescent plasma, a group of 10 plasma therapy companies has partnered together to form the CoVlg-19 Plasma Alliance. 

Ramifications of India’s Race for the COVID-19 Vaccine

Ramifications of India’s Race for the COVID-19 Vaccine

As of 15 June, more than 7.5 million lives are being infected by the novel Coronavirus virus globally. Hence, the race for the potential vaccine is also gearing up. According to WHO, there are around 10 potential candidates for vaccines in clinical development– four experimental vaccines from the United States, five from China, and one from the United Kingdom.  Many countries are betting for an antidote to the virus, both financially as well as politically. 

Impact on Environment: Greener Side of the Coronavirus Lockdown

Impact on Environment Greener Side of the Coronavirus Lockdown

Lockdowns around the globe have curbed the spread of coronavirus and are helping in reducing pollution to unprecedented levels in major countries and cities. The COVID-19 lockdown over the world has hit us with the thought towards the significance of nature in our everyday living. Several regions across the world are observing a decline in emissions levels. 

Tech Giants on Shopping Spree in the Indian Telecom Market

Tech Giants on Shopping Spree in the Indian Telecom Market

The Indian telecom industry has been experiencing unprecedented limelight since April due to floating reports of game-changing mergers & acquisitions in the sector. The global tech giants are the prime buyers, interested in investments by acquiring a multibillion-dollar stake in these top telecom companies of the developing nation with strong demand potential.

Post-COVID-19: What’s on Your Wish list?

Wishlist after Covid-19

The first thing on everyone’s wish list currently is for the pandemic to end and resume their regular life. But what happens after the Coronavirus is out of our lives, or at least weakened enough to have less effect on us? 

Protective Clothing: An Defensive Equipment for COVID-19 Healthcare Staff

Protective Clothing for Heathcare Staff

Not every superhero wears a cape some wear gloves, facemasks, gowns, etc., that are necessary to fight the infectious pandemic. As the virus continues to spread, the frontline warriors that fight to mitigate and contain the virus face the highest risk of infection. 

Impact on Animal Nutrition Production in the Context of COVID-19


Animal nutrition focuses on the dietary requirements of animals, helping to boost the immune system as well as livestock production. During the pandemic, there is an increase in the demand for basic food and essentials, including meat and other dairy products. However, the producers are unable to sustain…

COVID-19 Crisis: Top 5 Industries that Hit a Low in the Service Sector

Top 5 Industries that Hit a Low in the Service Sector

Coronavirus has had a devastating toll on human lives, with cases continuing to grow at a steadfast rate. Looking at the ongoing situation, a great economic meltdown seems inevitable. Certainly, there are industries that have managed to keep themselves afloat, given how efficaciously they are operating…

‘Immunity Passports’: Will or Will Not Trend in the Digital Health Sector?

Immunity Passports

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries are in complete or partial lockdown to contain the spread of the disease. The entailing economic slowdown, if persisted, would lead to dire consequences. WTO, in their press release, predicted a 13% to 32% fall of economic activity in 2020. 

Supply Chain 4.0 – The Nex-Gen Solution to Combat the Bullwhip Effect of COVID-19


The sudden onslaught of the COVID-19 crisis has made various countries declare lockdowns and social distancing protocols, resulting in panic buying of key essential products, such as groceries, toilet paper, medicines masks, etc. The sudden increase in demand for these products led to the bullwhip effect, pressurizing the entire supply chain.

Coronavirus Vaccine Update: Researchers Opt for Radical Approaches

The search for a novel Coronavirus vaccine has intensified the field of medical research around the globe. As per a recent post, seven projects being pursued by the pharmaceutical sector, academic laboratories, biotech firms, and various governments have reached the stage of clinical trials. Several trials are being launched at an unprecedented rate. 


Face Mask Against COVID-19: Why is it Important?

The advent of the global pandemic has ushered in a new way of living – social distancing and heightened hygiene concerns have become the norm of the day.

How to Maintain Emotional Well-Being?

COVID-19 Stress: How to Maintain Emotional Well-Being?

Humans are social beings, and need to communicate and interact with fellow humans. However, the ongoing Coronavirus crisis has made everyone stay cooped up…


COVID-19 Outbreak – Impact on E-Learning Sector

Amid the pandemic COVID-19, many sectors are struggling to make ends meet. One such is the education sector, which has suffered considerable damage across the world.


Measures to Improve Your Immunity in times of COVID-19 Crises​​

While many countries across the globe have implemented lockdown or strategic isolation by actively promoting social distancing, their citizens have also responsibly taken the efforts.


India on Frontline with First Paper-Strip Test against COVID-19

The exponential surge in the count of infected people compels India to undertake a strategic rapid-testing approach to ensure timely isolation of the positive cases and prevent the virus from spreading.

Treat COVID-19 Patients with Thrombotic Complications

Since December 2019, the Coronavirus or COVID-19 has spread rapidly worldwide, infecting more than millions of people and instigating more than 1,34,000 deaths as of mid-April 2020. 

blood plasma

Blood Plasma - A Novel Treatment Approach for COVID-19​

Amidst the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, people around the globe have suffered severely, and doctors are struggling to manage the disease without a cure

4 Ways Mapping the Road to Recovery

Business Post COVID-19: 4 Ways Mapping the Road to Recovery

COVID-19 worldwide has called for the adoption of remote working so that the corporate world continues to function amid the global crisis. Companies have been dynamic in…

Work from Home

Work From Home: A Norm or Choice?

Lockdowns and quarantine around the world have left professionals with no choice but to adapt the shift to working remotely or from home. 


Gaming Industry in Coronavirus Pandemic: The Odd One Out​

The world’s way of doing business has severely been impacted by the COVID-19. Though this distressing pandemic has affected the businesses negatively, several industries remain…

Covid-19 lockdown and Future of 5G Market

Covid-19 outbreak has impacted the world economy drastically. According to the United Nations, global economic growth could shrink upto 1% from the previous forecast of 2.5%.

covid19 impact on IT industry

Understanding the Impact of COVID-19 on the IT ...

The outbreak of COVID-19 has affected a sizeable number of countries all around the world and forced organizations to adopt digital methods in facilitating work, as well as…

Oil Pumps

COVID-19 Fears sends Oil Industry into a Tailspin

The Oil industry was the latest victim to endure severe damages due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The COVID-19 crisis has affected a wide range of energy markets, such as gas, coal, renewables, but its impact on oil markets is predominant.


Auto Manufacturer’s Big Move Against the COVID-19 Pandemic

Following the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, manufacturers of medical supplies, such as hand sanitizers, medical masks, ventilators, & hospital gowns, are finding it challenging to keep up with the demand.